Dedicated to your well-being for 50 years

Gianfranco Novellini began the business in Mantua in January 1966. In that year, he filed a request with the local Chamber of Commerce to open an artisan ironworking activity in Terziario Alley within the historic centre of Mantua. While working with screen and window materials in 1976, he came up with the idea that made Novellini what it is today: the construction of shower enclosures.

50 years later, the Novellini group is the European leader in the production of shower enclosures, shower cubicles and jacuzzis, with factories in both Italy and France, branches in key European countries and representatives on different continents. We have 27 branches worldwide, eight production sites and one million shower cubicles manufactured every year. We have been taking care of your well-being for 50 years!

Our values have always been to 

Putting people at the heart of our decisions, make quality of life a priority and always let passion drive our work. These factors have led us to adopt an effective and sustainable production philosophy which guarantees your well-being.

from raw materials to the finished product
paying high attention to the quality of the product
client satisfaction
respect for the safety of our environment


Novellini began as a small artisan company which specialised in using wrought iron and aluminium to produce doors and windows.
Barbara Novellini, now CEO, was born the year the company started.
Gianfranco Novellini's entrepreneurial talent first emerged when he designed "Mary," the original folding mosquito net, named after his mother.
The creation of the first shower enclosure.
The first shower enclosure was created the year Marco Novellini, also a current CEO, was born and thus, bears his name.
Shower enclosure production proved profitable. With it, Novellini achieved success in the European market.
The aesthetic evolution of the product and the growth of the range led to the insertion of new materials, new technologies. In order to increase product safety, Novellini integrated the annealing of glass into the production process. Metal external finishes and toughened glass form the technical foundation of the shower.
Creation of Novellini's "Coloratissimi"
The company grew. In addition to the production site and facilities in Mantua, the first Novellini warehouses were established in Italy and Europe to greatly improve distribution and service.
In the 1990s, the product range expanded to include whirlpools.
The Novellini Group, strengthened by its industrial, technical and commercial capacity, gained a manufacturing facility for producing acrylic baths and launched new products.
The second half of the 1990s saw the start of a reorganisation process to facilitate integrated production in all its operations. The departments in charge of processing of raw materials expanded significantly.
At the beginning of the new millennium, the Novellini Group began its most important investment programme to date, involving the redesign of production layouts, logistics and sales organisation.
A number of things were added to the production departments including: a "smart" warehouse; a new, completely automated, final assembly department; and new glassware.
The new millennium also represented an important change in the IT systems for Novellini with the introduction of SAP software and web technologies, and setting up a new Technology Warehouse.
In the last decade, the focus on 'simple' products, like shower enclosures, has continually increased. Demands for customisation have multiplied and the company has had an increasingly direct relationship with the end-user.
Elysium, a range of high-quality products, was founded in 2007 and is designed to fit into the TOP Design Furnishings Market.
In 2011, the company's technological resources were enriched by a new, important shower customisation project. The use of digital printing on glass allowed the creation of the IN ART collection.
This technology allows printing any high resolution image on glass, thus creating endless possibilities for customising products.
After 50 years, Novellini continues to take care of your well-being. In addition to a quality product, we now offer the ability to choose the product solution that is just right for you on our very useful and effective website. We also provide advice and inspiration using social media.

The evolution of our products

Look through the photo gallery to discover new design trends and see how our products have changed over time.

Shower enclosures

The aluminium external finishes are minimised and made subtle enough to leave space for visible transparent glass. The new Crystal Clear treatment and the clear glass surface makes cleaning much easier. The total height of the enclosure can be raised and installation can be done on both shower trays and floors.

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Shower cubicles

Acrylic surfaces have been reduced allowing for more glass and chrome parts. The lines are more simple and minimalistic for a neater design and this facilitates the cleaning of the cubicle. The seat, if put in place, can be reclined or removed to increase interior space. The electronics are simple with touchscreen remote controls.

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Bath tubs

The baths vary from oval and curvy shapes to simpler and more square designs. The hydromassage systems can be varied with programmes tailored to customer needs. The whirlpools are equipped with systems for chromotherapy and music.

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Shower columns

There is growing demand to replace old shower fittings or acrylic columns with a more modern and functional “Totem” style ones. Finishes now are in polished metal. The upper showerhead is larger, while having a much more minimalist appearance to harmonise with new bathroom design trends.

Shower columns

Shower trays and wetrooms

The height of the trays are lowered to allow you to use it as a floor-level shower. The average size of the wetroom is increased to make it more comfortable. Large, rectangular trays replace the space occupied by bath tubs.

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