Novellini Academy

Young people

Their future is a valuable resource 


"Gianfranco Novellini"


The Scholarships named after "Gianfranco Novellini" are for students who have completed a Master's Degree in Design/Architecture who will be required to produce a draft on a Bathroom Furnishings project. The assessment will be based on merit in close collaboration with the teachers of the University.  

Access to the Scholarship will also allow for the possibility to participate in a postgraduate internship with our Company.

Research project on architectural restoration

In October 2016 the first three drafts in the Competition entitled "Environmental, functional and architectural redesign, of an abandoned complex located in an urbanized downtown area" will be rewarded,  within the course lectured by Professor Daniele Fanzini, geared towards students in the fifth-year of the Faculty of Architecture of Polytechnic of Milan Mantua Regional Centre. 


The commission that will evaluate the drafts in the Competition will be composed of a representative of the University Foundation of Mantua, a representative from Novellini S.p.A. and a representative of the Polytechnic - Mantua Regional Centre. 


Novellini & Politecnico of Milan

Novellini supported the course of "Design & Creativity," for third-year students of the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic of Milano, held by Professor Schianchi and the Architect Farinatti, participating in the publication of the final works.

Novellini strongly believes in innovation, creativity and cultivating young talents by encouraging the development of their professionalism. 


Students were challenged to create architectural drafts of a strong creative boost architectonics on public bathrooms, a theme that is often obsolete and marginal.  


Organized into interdisciplinary teams, students worked on the transformation of public bathrooms as places of creativity by producing extremely high quality ""creative material"" and valid inspiration for future projects. "