Well-being for the environment

Each company is part of an increasingly complex and globalised scenario.

The resources that it employs, particularly natural ones, belong to a single planet that we must all strive to protect, for our well-being and safety.

This is why, here at Novellini, we optimise every aspect of our production: from water management to energy management, from glass processing to packaging, not forgetting the transport of products and raw materials.

Nature, water and silence are unique possibilities for wellness and innate pleasure. Respect for the environment is, firstly, an individual culture and then a corporate and strategic one.

Barbara Novellini

In the future we aim to improve and refine our processes by integrating - in an even deeper way - sustainability in our business model.

Our commitment to sustainability is made up of concrete and significant actions to hand down to future generations a world in which " production " is synonymous with " respect ".

We proudly share the achievement of the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), an important document that describes the environmental impacts linked to the production of a product or service.