Well-being in our actions

Social commitment is an integral part of our company’s operations: we have always developed fruitful relationships with the local communities in which we operate.

Novellini Group companies contribute to supporting social, cultural and environmental initiatives in the belief that social commitment represents an investment to which the business world is bound.

Safeguarding the environment as a fundamentally essential asset is also one of our guiding values, influencing our choices in such a way as to ensure that our economic initiatives are compatible with environmental needs.

We work with cutting-edge processes to reduce our environmental impact and we have a plant dedicated to recycling aluminium. We also optimise each glass cut to minimise offcuts and waste. Recycle, re-use, recover: the three main cornerstones of the circular economy, the model in which Novellini has always invested to make its operations sustainable.

Our goal, then, is to have a positive impact on the world by creating products of excellence which contribute to the society in which we live and our planet so that both can prosper together.

“Novellini’s production philosophy is based on understanding the actual needs of our customers, with the aim of offering them the best experience from every point of view.”

Barbara Novellini

Success is the result of daily work, of the management system that people have built and strive to improve.

We took this decision in 2006 with two objectives facing us: to modify systems through the continuous development of our production processes, and to modify the culture of customer satisfaction with the constant improvement of our products and services.

The adoption of the Total Quality system has allowed us to operate in increasingly global markets with better results: enhancing the integration between quality, the environment, safety and corporate social responsibility makes us, today, a modern, forward-looking Group.