Well-being for the young

Sustainability is the new, common language with which businesses and young people interact. Saving energy, researching innovative materials, recycling but also social policies that put people at the centre as a resource to be protected, are just some of the issues to be addressed with new generations through projects, work and opportunities.

Programmes that have helped Novellini spread awareness of the subject of sustainability because only with everyone’s support will we be able to help our planet.

“The youth represent the future and, without a hope for the future, any strategic plan would be completely meaningless.”

Barbara Novellini

For Novellini, corporate social responsibility is also expressed through the adoption of ethical behaviour and the promotion of initiatives that take account, on the one hand, of the economic, social and environmental consequences of actions, and, on the other hand, that provide real support and a positive boost to the community.

The value produced cannot remain within the company itself but must be shared with civil society, individuals and the environment.

Our actions must resonate with everyone who contributes to produce this value: employees and customers, together with society as a whole and the region in which we live. The time has come for the creation of shared value.