Beyond production

What seemed like the right thing to do at the beginning has also become the smart choice. All our products are developed on the principle of respect for the environment because we firmly believe that good design shouldn’t only deliver on aesthetics and functionality, but should also be efficient and sustainable, now and forever. We go beyond our production and logistics processes to embrace every aspect of our daily behaviour.

Respect for the environment is, first and foremost, an individual culture and then a corporate and strategic one.

Zero KM products
We work with local producers around Mantua and in the province to supply the company canteen in our Italian production site with fresh, zero KM fruit and vegetables.

Drop Bottles
With our Drop Bottle we want to contribute to reducing the use of plastic. We have placed water dispensers in every facility and have given a Novellini Drop Bottle to each person who works with or for us. “A simple gesture can make the difference”.

Eco-sustainable toner
We use SIMITRI HD toner in our printers which lowers emissions of CO2.